Balajee Ramachandran


Polyglot programmer with ~7 years of experience. Generalist with experience at various levels of enterprise application stacks: from single page web UI development (React/JS), microservices in NodeJS and Java Spring, to low level algorithm optimizations in C++. Functional programming zealot. Can build anything!

Work Experience

VizExperts India Pvt. Ltd.
April 2015 – May 2017
Lead Developer on GeorbIS - an enterprise GIS application stack
  • Was first developer on the green field project. It eventually grew into a major product for the firm.
  • Architected the stack, wrangling together several open source components and in-house GIS components to provide web services to provide raster and vector maps, and a single page application front end
  • Javascript, React, Redux, Spring Boot, C++ (GIS algorithms), Postgres
VizExperts India Pvt. Ltd.
January 2013 – April 2015
Engineer, Graphics
Programmer on VizExperts - Video Wall Compositing Software
  • Implemented a image warping and blending for seamless display over projectors
  • Dramatically improved OpenGL rendering performance (~300%)
  • Developed new controller front end that networks with the video wall server over TCP/IP
  • OpenGL, C++, Qt, QtQuick(QML)
Terminus Graphics Pvt. Ltd. (defunct)
August 2010 – June 2012
Programmer on Psylver - a 3D real time graphics engine
  • Worked on 3D scenegraph rendering optimizations
  • Setup an asset export pipeline from Blender3D to engine
  • OpenGL, C++, Lua, Python


Door no. 301, 3rd floor, Kala Bhairav Apartments, Church Road, New Thippasandra
Bangalore, Karnataka 560 075 IN


  • 2004 2008

    National Institute of Technology, Calicut

    Bachelor (B.Tech)

    Mechanical Engineering


Programming Languages
Javascript C++ Haskell
Web Development
Single Page Applications REST services Functional Programming React Redux NodeJS
Systems Programming
Socket programming Shared memory, DMA


  • EnglishVery fluent